Rossella Pozzi

Pozzi Rossella

Professional role

Associate Professor in Industrial Mechanical Systems

ROSSELLA POZZI is Associate Professor in Mechanical Industrial Plants at LIUC - Carlo Cattaneo University. She obtained a PhD in Integrated Business Management from LIUC - Carlo Cattaneo University, spending a period at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Lugano.

Her areas of expertise include Operations, with particular focus on materials management in finite capacity situations and Lean Manufacturing in industrial enterprises. He is currently exploring issues related to the relationship between Lean and the process of digitization of manufacturing processes and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies.

he is currently Principal Investigator for LIUC of the research TechFact - Design and adoption of Teaching Factories, Learning Spaces and Learning Activities for fostering the education of a responsible generation of engineers and technical students, funded by Projects of Significant National Interest (PRIN) 2022 funds.

On the other hand, investigating the impact that digital technologies have on Lean systems, through the conduct of research on the use of data science to support Lean practices in companies. Recently, her research activity is focusing on how Lean and Industry 4.0 can support the circular transition of production systems.

She directs the activities of the Lean Club LIUC, with which she has been collaborating since 2012, and she is the coordinator and instructor of the executive program Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0, focused on transferring the concepts of Lean and Industry 4.0.
She has participated in numerous training, research, and consulting initiatives with major companies such as Luxottica, Lindt&Sprungli, Carl Zeiss, CentroStyle, Mazzucchelli, and Eurojersey. In the field of Lean Management, she had the opportunity to conduct gemba walks in the Toyota, Daikin, Denso, Sekisui, and Tatekita factories in Japan, as well as in the European and Italian facilities of Toyota Material Handling, Schneider Electric, Franke, Slimpa Kone, Lindt&Sprungli, Aermacchi, ABB Dalmine, and Amazon.