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i-FAB offers courses on Lean Management, Industry 4.0 and Change Management to students at LIUC - Cattaneo University, to prepare them to contribute concretely to the transformation of companies towards new industrial paradigms.

Bachelor's degree course

Industrial Operational Excellence course

Master's degree course

Data Science for Operational Excellence pathway

Manufacturing Strategy course

i-FAB offers courses of one or more days to LIUC Business School executive course students, related to the topics of Lean Management, Industry 4.0 and Change Management, in order to support all companies towards cultural change and digital transformation.

Catalogue training

Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0 course

Customised training

Customised training courses lasting one or more days for corporate groups

i-FAB offers Cross-Curricular Skills and Orientation Courses (PCTO), both face-to-face and distance learning, to high school students in order to spread knowledge about industrial production and the role of science in the management of modern factories.

In the context of training for high schools, i-FAB offers the possibility to conduct PCTO activities (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation) through a tour of i-FAB that can be carried out in person or virtually. Through this experience, students will discover the world of industrial production and the role of science in the management of modern factories. The tour provides an interactive presentation of important industrial paradigms, focusing in particular on the Lean philosophy and the role of technologies characterising the pillars of the current fourth industrial revolution. Some theoretical foundations are presented, starting with the history of these paradigms, and then we go on to discuss practical examples and experience some of the aspects discussed inside the i-FAB factory. The activity consists of a 2-hour training meeting with students and forms part of the PCTO activities thanks to the Certificate of Attendance issued by the university.

i-FAB offers courses in collaboration with various Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS) courses related to Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 topics, to build professional skills that meet the need for innovation.

i-FAB organises thematic seminars, both face-to-face and remotely, on the latest and hottest topics related to the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the role of Lean in supporting this transformation, in order to always ensure a confrontation between university and business.

i-FAB opens its doors to the community by organising cultural dissemination events, in-person and remotely, and factory tours, using the experiential laboratory to disseminate knowledge on the latest industrial topics.

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